This sales policy refers to the company FRULAND SAS (FRULAND.CO), hereinafter referred to as "The Company" and the buyer to be referred to hereinafter as "The Customer" in the same manner as the products and / Or components, in sales by The Company will be called "The Merchandise / The product"

All order orders / purchase orders generate costs such as: Internal administrative processes, conceptualization and design, acquisition of raw material, manufacturing processes, among others. Our production system is based on processes (JAT) or Just In Time, therefore any raw material required for your process will only be acquired at the time of accepting your purchase order, to fulfill your order.

Due to the above, THE CLIENT UNDERSTANDS THAT FRULAND S.A.S WILL BE CHARGED 50% OF THE TOTAL VALUE OF THE ORDER IN CASE OF EXPLICIT CANCELLATION OR RETRACTING BY THE CUSTOMER. This value will be considered as "Arras of retraction, according to article 1859 of the Colombian civil code" on the purchase of product.
RETURN TIME WITHOUT ARRAS PENALTY: (i) If you placed your order after 12:00 pm on the business day, you can exercise your withdrawal until 9:00 am on the next business day. (2) If you placed your order before 12:00 pm on the business day, you can exercise your withdrawal until 12:00 pm on the same business day.

- The contracted works generate internal production order (OPI) until 12:00 pm on each business day once payment has been reported.
- If the payment enters or is reported after this time or on a date other than payment, the process will start the next business day of the notification.
- The production times are stipulated in the tab "Times / Delivery / Dispatch" that appears in the detail page of each product or in its formal budget if it has been requested, or in any other attached document sent to You.
- If your order involves several elements of different reference to produce, you must take into account the time of the element that takes longer in your production and add the maximum days of each "additional unit" in the other elements, this will determine the time of manufacturing.



IMPORTANT: offers as a reference, to visualize the prices of the product in Currencies of different countries, nevertheless the transactions will be realized in Colombian Pesos (COP) or American Dollars (USD).

1.1. The prices will be indicated in the sales form of each product. The current price will be the one that appears there at the time of purchase. Prices are subject to change without prior notice, either due to an increase in the value of the product or due to changes in the foreign exchange market. Payments must be made using the payment methods offered by (Consignment, transfer, payment by check, credit card, PSE, Payment Points)
1.2. It is understood as PAYMENT once the money is AVAILABLE in our account or in cash in our assets.
1.3. For Credit Invoices (Exceptional Case): Any variation due to an increase in the exchange rate between the date of preparation of the invoice and cancellation of the invoice will be at the Client's expense.
1.4. The invoice paid by check or any other instrument other than cash, is considered canceled once it has been made in full amount of the invoice and that amount is available in the bank account of The Company.
1.5. The Company will charge a fee corresponding to collection and handling expenses on returned checks in accordance with the following criteria: Amounts equal to or greater than COP $ 1,000,000 Fifteen percent (15%) of the amount of the check; Amounts less than said amount in pesos or its equivalent twenty percent (20%), on the amount of the check. At the present rates will be added the corresponding interest arrears.
1.6. When the invoice has not been canceled in its entirety or the goods have not been collected by the Customer, after twenty (20) calendar days have elapsed since the invoice date and / or stipulated delivery date (whichever is later) The Customer must, in addition to its acquired obligation, pay the additional expenses for "Abandoned Merchandise" that its merchandise generates. - See: DELIVERY, DELIVERY, STORAGE / WAREHOUSE OF MERCHANDISE
1.7. Payments, transfers, consignments, and other methods of payment other than online payments (Credit Card, PSE) must be canceled within 5 (five) calendar days after the order. After the expiration of this period and not having paid the order, it will return to the inventory and will be available to be offered again.
1.8. In the event of default in payment of the invoice, the debtor will pay default interest on the balance owed, as well as professional attorneys' fees, plus legal costs. The default interest will be calculated at the current rate established by the Banco de la República (Colombia) or any other competent body.


2.1. Taxes will be charged to national customers (Colombia), or in any country where the invoice is a local company, a distributor, branch or representative.
2.2. If you are a customer that is outside the territory of sale of the product, the tax corresponding to the VAT will not be charged.
2.3. During the sales process the platform of will omit this payment which will be excluded from payment.


3.1. THE WARRANTY IS ONLY ON PAYMENT BALANCES AND FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS WHICH DO NOT SHOW LONG. The company grants the Customer the term of the warranty stipulated for each product, which includes periods from (6) six months up to (5) five years and is stipulated in the technical file contained in the "detail" of each product.
It is intended for this purpose, to the RMA department of the Company or the supplier, as the competent bodies to qualify and process the claims for this concept.
3.2. In the event that the Goods Sold by the Company are designed to be installed and handled by qualified persons, the warranty does not cover damages caused by malpractice, neglect of improper installation, voltage fluctuations, defective electrical networks or incompatibility between programs, Operating systems, devices or components. Finally, the Company exempts from the guarantee, any damages caused directly or indirectly by the Client or third parties
3.3. In no case shall the Client be entitled to claim from the Company, for direct or indirect prejudices, loss of profit, or moral or pecuniary damages of any kind due to loss of information or natural disasters suffered by La Mercancía, since the responsibility of The Company only limits The repair or replacement as the case may be, of The Damaged Goods according to the contents of this document.
3.4. If the merchandise has defects and / or operating failures, and this is within the warranty limits established in the purchase invoice is repaired or replaced by Merchandise of equivalent characteristics, of similar value or in default thereof will be issued Of credit in the name of the Client, For this purpose The Company reserves the right to select the most convenient option.
3.5. There will be no refund for errors of specification or properties in the purchase of the Merchandise by the Customer.
3.6. Any claim must be made at the premises of the Company where La Mercancía was acquired and only the claim will be accepted as valid presenting the original purchase invoice, will be entitled to carry out this process, The Client or any natural or legal person duly authorized by the same .
Excluded from these conditions are those products whose service centers validate the guarantee directly with the producer, prevailing the particular conditions of each authorized agent and brand.
3.7. It is a prerequisite to make the warranty claim, the delivery of the Goods without punches, scratches original packaging including all the supplied manuals, diskettes, CDs, cables or any other accessory previously included for the moment of sale, The Company Reserves the right not to receive products that do not comply with these conditions, or are delivered poorly re-packed for return.
3.8. If by reason of these guarantees specified herein The Company makes replacement or replacement of Defective Goods, it reserves the right to retain The damaged merchandise in full ownership. Any replacement Merchandise will enjoy the same time granted in the original warranty and will govern from the receipt of the merchandise by the Customer. In case of replacement of parts, they will enjoy a warranty of one year and the rest of the product will have the current warranty period, without it being extended at the end of its replacement parts.

3.9. Invalidate the warranty, the opening, intervention or modification of the products by third parties without express notification and in writing that results in approval of the Company and / or the manufacturer. The warranty bar codes, serial labels, identification labels and / or manufacturer's warranty are automatically void if any guarantee has been removed, altered or damaged.
3.10. The Company is not responsible for damages caused by third parties during the transportation, handling or storage of products. In no case will be received Merchandise sent by the Customer whose handling and transportation expenses have not been previously canceled.

* Below are some conditions that are not included in the WARRANTY or cases that invalidate it and consequently the expenses caused for its repair must be canceled by the client.

A) If the safety seals accompanying the product or the serial number have been removed
B) If the product has been damaged by the use of non-original parts, optional devices and / or non-original consumables
C) Neglect, Neglect, Improper packing, Modifications, Accidents, Natural disasters, etc.
D) Short circuits, fluctuations in electrical current, poor electrical installations (absence of phase-neutral-earth) absence of regulator or filter, etc.
E) Misuse of the product, Damage due to ignorance or disinformation of the handling of the product.
F) Interventions or services performed by unauthorized agents.
G) Preventive maintenance service and general check.
H) Software Failure (Operating System, Applications, etc.) External Software Agent (Virus, Incompatible Programs, Improved Versions, etc.) Installing Software and Optional Devices
I) Information loss in any device (hard disk, floppy disks, tapes, etc.). Therefore, the customer is advised to back up this information.
J) Any other cause of failure other than manufacturing defect


4.1. The customer or buyer may opt for the return of the merchandise within the term established as guarantee of the product.
4.2. Cost of sending the goods up to the Company and from the Company to the Client:
4.2.1. In principle this cost will be assumed by the Customer.
4.2.2. If your return is accepted, the Company will assume the value of the return to the address on the sales invoice of the product for delivery to the Customer and will reimburse the cost of the shipment that he had paid to obtain the return to our facilities once submitted Respective support. This payment will be made up to (15) fifteen business days following the acceptance of the return.
4.3. In order to accept your return, the Customer agrees to comply with the general warranty conditions mentioned in this document and the merchandise must be evaluated by the RMA Department or by the supplier. This claim will be made within the term of guarantee expressed for each product or service within its sales form and that is also included in the invoice and governs from the date of receipt of the merchandise by the customer.
4.4. Since the original purchase invoice is an indispensable requirement to make any claim to the Company in the event that the Customer requests a copy of this allegation, theft, loss or deterioration, it shall cancel a fee for administrative proceedings, equivalent to $ 20,000 Colombian pesos current currency) or its equivalent in dollars to the TRM regent.
4.5. Depending on the report issued by the RMA department, the following order will be stipulated if the product will be subject to (i) repair, (ii) replacement or (iii) return of the money.
4.6. The Company is not obliged to return the money as long as it can provide a repair option or change of product that is in warranty period, by another one of the same conditions or accepted by the Customer, of similar conditions.


5.1. The delivery is understood in our facilities. Any other place is understood as office.
5.2. Partial deliveries are not performed unless this modality has previously been agreed upon.
5.3. The products will be delivered or dispatched once all contracted process has been completed, according to the terms, times and requirements expressed by the client in this platform, or by written communication sent to us through the communication channels arranged for it. See also: DELIVERY AND SHIPPING.
5.4. For ALL deliveries the product must be paid in full.
5.5. It is understood that once listed, the merchandise will be claimed by the customer or delivered to a previously agreed carrier within a reasonable time not exceeding 20 calendar days.
5.6. Otherwise it will be understood as abandonment and this will be automatically disposed in storage for a reasonable time for its subsequent claim.
5.7. The elements / products in the process of manufacture or customization that do not have a feedback of information by the client to perform or finish the required process will also be understood in abandonment.
5.8. Such feedback comprises a reasonable time. See Numeral (D). The merchandise will be arranged in warehouse for its protection and for later continuity of the process or despacho as the client decides it.
5.9. It is understood the merchandise in abandonment when expired the term of permanence in deposit has not obtained its lift or it has not been reshipped, like this:
A) The customer who chooses to pick up the merchandise does not claim it within the stipulated period, or at a later time than twenty (20) calendar days from the date of the release of the delivery that is generated through this platform or any Other means of written communication.
B) The customer does not describe, confirm or accept any form of delivery of his merchandise within the stipulated period, or in a time later than 20 (twenty) calendar days from the date of the release of the delivery that is generated by means of This platform or any other means of written communication.
C) The customer has not paid the freight corresponding to the shipment of the merchandise within the stipulated period, or in a time later than 20 (twenty) calendar days from the date of the release of the delivery that is generated through this platform Or any other means of written communication.
D) When products that require elements to be supplied by the Customer for its termination (Designs, personalization, etc.) and that have not been arranged within the stipulated period after having received the instructions related to said process for its subsequent delivery or dispatch, Or in a time after 20 (twenty) calendar days from the date of the last request for information by us for continuity of the process.
E) When the Customer has ceased its payment obligation in the stipulated period and we have given solution in a maximum time of 20 calendar days.
5.10. The Customer will assume the cost of packing, transportation, storage and warehousing that its acquired good generates.
5.11. Said period of automatic storage will extend up to a maximum of twelve (12) months, from the non-claim.
5.12. The cost of storage will be assessed as follows:
A) Cost of packing, loading, transport and unloading to the place of storage: 5% of the value of the merchandise.
B) Cost of storage / storage: 5% of the value of the merchandise per month or fraction.
C) Cost of loading, transport and unloading to our facilities for subsequent shipment: 5% of the value of the merchandise.
5.13. After twelve (12) months of non-claim of the merchandise by the Customer, it will be declared in full abandonment and will be delivered to Grupo SRM who will dispose of it, understanding that it has assumed the storage and warehousing costs involved.
5.14. The Client agrees to waive any claim and right on the goods left in full abandonment.


6.1. The content of the present implies that The Company is only bound within the limits of this document. Anything not provided for under these conditions shall be governed by ordinary law in this matter before the competent courts and for all purposes and circumstance arising from the present negotiation. The parties elect the City of Bogotá Capital District as a Judicial Domicile to the Jurisdiction of Whose courts declare to submit.
6.2. The client agrees to know, understand and accept the present conditions and proof of the sale made under these conditions and approves the sale that is made under these terms being considered null and unjustified any claim that in fact does not conform to this regulation or What is contemplated under the law: Consumer Statute. LAW 1480 OF 2011