It is common to hear about fruit consumption, and its benefits to our health, but do you know why this is said?

The fruits are delicious and natural, its benefits have been proven and corroborated in many researches.

They prevent a lot of diseases and also provide our body with a lot of nutrients and vitamins.

But also, much more.

The nutritional contribution of fruits is very important. They have huge amounts of fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Fruits are very diverse, and each of them gives us different benefits depending on their composition.

In some cases, fruits have been under discussion because of their high sugar content, to the extent that some experts have pointed out as harmful to health.

But the truth is, fruits have fructose but in small, harmless amounts. In addition, the unwanted effects that fructose could cause, are reduced thanks to the combination of water fruit and fiber.

Fiber forces the digestion process to be performed more slowly as well as chewing, so the liver has to spend more time processing the fructose. Also, fiber is satiating, making people consume fewer calories in other foods.

Benefits of fruits

The benefits that we will describe below are supported by scientific studies that have corroborated that fruits are a healthy food and should never be lacking in our diet.

Reduce risk of heart disease by 7%.
Reduce by 46% the risk of developing diabetes in women.
Reduce the risk of strokes and strokes.
It lowers blood pressure and improves glycemic control in people with diabetes.
It lowers cholesterol.
Increase satiety.
Decelerate the absorption of carbohydrates.

Eat fruit to lose weight

Commonly, fruits contain large amounts of fiber and water, and also have a high resistance to chewing.

For example, apples and oranges are classified as satiating foods that exist, using the satiety index.

This means that consuming an apple or orange, satisfies your appetite so that your stomach will be satiated for a longer time and you will not feel the need to consume other foods because you do not feel hungry.

In order to verify this affirmation, it must be pointed out that a study was carried out with a diet composed only of fruits and nuts to several individuals. After 6 months, all people had lost pounds, especially those who were overweight.